Understanding the Lakehouse Paradigm with Midoffice Data: Part 2 – The Evolution of Data Storage & Processing

In our first instalment, we journeyed through the evolution of data storage from traditional Datawarehouse to data lakes, leading to the emergence of the Lakehouse architecture. Now, let’s unpack the inner workings of the Data Lakehouse architecture, exploring the intricate layers and components that define a modern Lakehouse. The architecture principles on which Data Lakehouse: […]

Data Model Maturity for CFO Function

Why is Data Maturity in a Finance Organization important?  In 2020, Aston Martin’s balance sheet eventually ended up with discrepancy totalling to $20mn in reconciliation. The accounting error came to understating car sales in dealerships. Now, this issue came to highlight – quarters later , in financial reconciliation stage. Any seasoned finance professional will advise […]

Navigating Data and Analytics Challenges in the Age of AI

 “Data is not just the new oil; it’s the new electricity.” – Clive Humby   As we usher in an era where the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally being realized, one question looms large. “How can enterprises effectively harness the power of AI and Big Data while grappling with legacy IT systems and […]