Ingene - Easy, Fast, and Powerful Insights and AI Platform

One platform for a seamless experience to enable users to quickly derive impactful insights through a unified Metrics store and create no-code AI apps resulting in  efficiency meeting advanced analytical capabilities.

What are the challenges?

  • Enterprises often grapple with ensuring the metrics they emphasize directly correlate with overarching business objectives, risking misallocated resources and efforts that don’t drive strategic progress.
  • Enterprises face the dual challenge of inconsistent metric definitions across departments and the need for continuous updates to these definitions, potentially leading to misaligned strategies and lack of a single source of truth.
  • Scaling AI and ML models enterprise-wide presents a challenge in ensuring accessibility and seamless operation for diverse stakeholders, demanding robust infrastructure and consistent integration practices.

Features of Ingene

Unified Metrics Store

Defining the metrics once in the metrics store to forming that single source of truth and consistently reuse the metrics across BI, automation tools, business workflows, or even advanced analytics

Collaborate with Trust

Count on our platform’s built-in privacy and governance. Leverage privacy preserving techniques in a platform designed for security and compliance—across every step of your collaboration journey.

One Click AI Apps Build

Run advanced analysis powered by AI and automate simple transactions using ML within clicks. Find and build the most appropriate model for scenarios such as predicting cash flow fluctuations and customer order details at a click of a button.

Extend your Tech Stack

With Cohort, you have a solution that works well with others. Whatever your data source, cloud environment, or ERP platform, you can easily connect and collaborate.

Metrics and AI Models Reusability

Reuse the Metrics and AI models flexibly across BI visualizations, SaaS integrations, and an API, opening up tons of new use cases that were not previously possible with BI reporting and predictive analytics.

Built for Business Users

Make collaborative intelligence accessible across your organization- Cohort allows technical and business teams to access relevant data in real-time and collaborate and innovate on data and insights.